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August 11, 2017 Polotitlán, México. 

Dear friends and benefactors: 

Your Monastery San Jose comes back to you to report, dear friends of Saint Benedict, our latest news. The persecution we have been receiving, due to our doctrinal positions, has led us to change to another trench in this fight for the defense of the eternal reign of Christ the King. 

Necessary defense as we gaze with perplexity on all sides by the widespread apostasy among the so called "Catholics" of today. We have joined a trench of tireless Cristeros fighters; on the land a hundred times blessed, that of our Mother of Heaven, Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico. 

This is our new place of residence and resistance to which Divine Providence brought us to continue the good battle. Battle that reminds us of the one who fought the Holy Family when they had to flee to Egypt and then to Nazareth. We have also had to flee from persecution, to endure hatred, to endure incessant slander, on the part of the very same men who were former combatants, former soldiers who now preferred to remain in their comfortable trench but infected already with serious liberalism . 

Following the example of our Father and Patron Saint Joseph, we prefer to flee together with him to save the life of the Child Jesus, his word of Life, of Truth, that is, the Sacred faith. To defend it against those who want to destroy it, negotiate it, sell it, or simply to defend it against those who love its life more than the Life of the Child. We prefer the exile and the spoil that they have imposed on us, of our house in Colombia, in order to follow the Way of the Holy Family. Coincidentally, we too, like them, have had to change places of residence for 3 times. 

 The crisis is prolonging itself while modernism advances like a tsunami destroying everything it finds in its path. This crisis of satanic proportions that has affected many Catholics, can only be fought on the level of faith, as our father and teacher, the illustrious Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, taught us: "It is a strict duty for every priest (and for the faithful) who wants to remain Catholic to separate from this conciliar church, as long as it has not found again the Tradition of the Magisterium of the Church and the Catholic Faith. Our battle is on the faith, but in a faith which must be pure, without profanation, without mixing it up with the errors of the conciliar church that is no longer Catholic. Our strength is in this faith; our victory is in it. 

The light to follow in this darkness is holy faith, our charity will live and survive only through this sacrosanct faith without which "no one can please God" (Heb. 11,6). From this faith depends our perseverance on this battle. Those who have taken a different flag rather than faith have fallen or have lost divine help. 

The Holy Ghost had already warned us: “The antichrist will seduce you ... for lack of LOVE OF THE TRUTH, that could save you. And therefore God sends them powers of deception, that they may believe the lie“ (2 Thes. 2: 10-11). This love of truth compels us in this struggle to reject whatever wishes to be put to the same level than the truth or reject whoever wants to falsify or adulterate it. The struggle is at the level of faith, at the level of the divine, at the level of the sacred, at the level of truth. That is why in this struggle we cannot accept to fight for other interests, for people, for human interests, when it happens that they themselves are an obstacle to the struggle for faith in all its strength and integrity. 

For this reason, we cannot consider that those who accept in one way or another the new apostate religion of the Second Vatican Council fight for the faith. We must necessarily have RED LIGHT against all those who approve this religion (Dioceses); Against all those who submit to it (Ecclesia Dei communities); Against all those who make or receive concessions from this new religion (FSSPX); And even also against those who put only YELLOW LIGHT to those who approve, mingle, or have concessions with the new religion (fake resistance of Bishop Williamson). 

Let us keep fighting the good battle even if we found ourselves alone: Jesus Christ demands it from us, the Solitude of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the foot of the Cross demands our company and reparation. I encourage the last resistant soldiers of Christ! I encourage the remnant soldiers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Let us never forget what this same holy faith teaches us: even if we lose everything, as long as we have Jesus, Joseph and Mary, we have everything! We lack nothing! VIVA CRISTO REY Y SANTA MARIA DE GUADALUPE! 

With our blessing and daily prayers for each of you. Father Rafael OSB (Prior) and the monks of the monastery. P. S . Fo r m o re i n f o r m at i o n a b o u t u s p l ea s e s e e o u r w e b s i t e at We also inform you that we have already a piece of land of 3.7 hectares to start building the Monastery. 
We count with your help. 


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