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We want to inform you, dear friends, that Divine Providence has allowed us to grow in the number of secular oblates of the monastery (more than 60 in 5 countries) and also in the missions Our Lord has commended us to help out. This service to souls that we are taking upon us are in accord to the will of our congregation's founder, Rev Father Jean Baptista Muard, beginner of the benedictines of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our Lord Himself was his constant Guide. Part of this will of Our Lord was that the monks of this benedictine branch were asked to become also missionaries. He wanted silent and prayerful monks living in the solitude of the cloister life, as dictated by the Holy Rule of our most holy father St. Benedict. But this hidden life was to be alternated with the exterior charity of the preaching of missions. Following the spirit of St Bernard who had very often to leave the delights of the cloister life to help out the Catholic Church in her great needs. St Bernard even became the leader of the preaching second crusade for conquest of holy Land for the Church. And now on these times Divine Providence has led us on this road of grave state of necessity of the Church. 

 At the prospect of seeing the coming N-FSSPX general chapter in order to elect new general superior on July, we want to stress out an important point for its own welfare.

Without doubt it has to be said that he archbishop Marcel Lefebvre has been a Providencial move in order to protect the Holy Catholic Church, specially the faith, the priesthood, and the most Holy Sacrifice of the mass. Already many of the children of archbishop Lefebvre are aware that since his death, his work, the old SSPX, has been decaying and loosing strength as time pass by (specially by already compromising in many things with the enemies of the Church, keeping too often the light of the truth hidden from the peoples’ eyes).

 On this occasion we only want to point out ONE of the causes which surely has caused this shipwreck of the N-SSPX. Mons. Marcel Lefebvre clearly pointed out that he preferred to elect as general superior of the SSPX a PRIEST rather than a BISHOP (himself elected as first general superior to Father Franz Schmidberger, a priest, although he was discovered later to become an accomplice in gradual agreements). 

There are two grave reasons for this choice: 

1.-The archbishop wanted a constant remainder into the mind of his members and followers concerning the STATE OF NECESSITY due to the general apostasy of the oficial hierarchy. This state of necessity caused 2 events: on the one side the impossibility in conscience of obeying to this oficial hierarchy, and on the other side the fact of not having ordinary jurisdiction but only supplied jurisdiction and case by case. 

These particular extraordinary circumstances moved the archbishop to the choice of having a PRIEST rather than a BISHOP as the head of the SSPX. This way of acting was done to prevent the risk for priest and the faithful of loosing sight of the state of necessity.

 The fact of having as head a bishop (i.e. Mons. Bernard Fellay) for the last 24 years had caused to members and followers of the SSPX to be use to this situation and therefore they ended by seeing (and perhaps NOT aware of it) the Society as a hierarchy with jurisdiction; with an estructure, with an authority as if we were living in the ORDINARY times, wherein there is NOT more state of necessity, wherein a bishop governs a flock. This new mentality has been creating little by little the ¨necessity of feeling themselves to become “normal," the necessity of being accepted “as we are”; all these feelings have being fed up continuously forgetting or wanting to forget that the new Rome has not been converted. The fact is that the new SSPX has lost sight of the state of necessity that we are living, they do not see the extraordinary character of the circumstances; they have been accepting already gradually the ORDINARY ways of conferring the sacraments from apostate Rome itself! 

2.-This prudencial measure of the Archbishop was also intended to avoid that in the future the 4 bishops consecrated by him might demand for themselves any authority of jurisdiction over priests and faithful. They were meant to remain only as AUXILIARY BISHOPS while the crisis lasted. The bishops were consecrated by him do not in order to govern but rather in order to administer the true catholic sacraments to the members of the CATHOLIC CHURCH to those who might request them or to those who may have a need of them (especially when we know that the new modernist “sacraments” have been substantially adulterated in times of Pope Paul VI, causing them to be highly doubtful). 

 We want to stress out the point: The 4 auxiliary bishops consecrated by Mons. Lefebvre and the other 3 consecrated by Mons. Williamson, they are all ONLY auxiliary bishops of the CATHOLIC CHURCH. They are not auxiliary bishops of the NSSPX or of the Resistance because the state of necessity exist within the Catholic Church. They were not created bishops to just attend a determineate religious group. We are all here to help out the Catholic Church, nothing less than that. Even if they are not members of a given group (NSSPX, “Resistance," or Dominicans, etc). 

 It should be enough for a catholic bishop of priest, who has not jurisdiction, on the present state of necessity of the Church, and in order to administer the sacraments; that those sacraments may be requested from them by catholics who have the right intention, formation, and dispositions. We invite to all catholic faithful to implore the graces from Heaven, specially lights, so that the state of necessity of the Church may be again the pattern of behavior within the N-SSPX. The lack of this basic principle has contributed to them to loose track and as well as to loose their very reason of existing. Let us ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to help them to elect as a new general superior of the SSPX on the next general chapter, to a worthy PRIEST, a priest without human or practical compromises; a servant of God who may follow the path marked by the Archbishop. 

That is, a priest who may defend the faith with charity; someone constantly resisting modernism and liberalism; someone habitually willing to denounce the wolves dressed as sheep cloth. A priest who may fulfill his commitment to defend the interests of Christ the King. For charity sake we also ask to all of Archbishop spiritual children, specially to bishops and priests, to remember their mission towards the Church: to be servants of the Holy Catholic Church and do not just of religious parties. Ever grateful towards you for all your prayers, charity, and continual support. 

Father Raphael OSB 

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