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The new SSPX scatters

Monday, December 19th 2016

Dear family, faithful & friends: R.F. Rafael OSB

Dear family, faithful & friends who fight for the faith “by cover and sword”. In the absence of leadership and to fight the poison of the confusion and ambiguity that makes us lull the weapons, that should be constantly sharpened, for the fight for the defense of Christ the King and His Church and as part of my moral and spiritual responsibility of paternity that I have upon you, I have written you the next lines, that way has wanted the Divine Providence.

You know that in other time, by God’s grace, I was sacristan of the Saint Athanasius church of the FSSPX, day and night for 5 years, and that now I’m monk and priest, so, could it be that Father Rafael no longer wants to serve God nor save souls as he wants to drive us away from the FSSPX?

I want you to reflect about the next fact that you all know. I have, as a religious, perpetual vows of obedience in the Benedictine order, and despite that I had to leave and in conscience I still can’t go back to my monastery.

This only fact should leave you thinking that one of two things is happening: or Father Rafael suffered something extremely serious that caused him to leave the FSSPX or the second option is that Father Rafael is crazy; since he left his monastery with perpetual vows and that can’t be done without putting in great danger the salvation of his soul.

Or one thing or the other is true, and since we’re talking about a serious topic that has to do with the faith and the salvation of the souls, at least Father Rafael’s soul, then you’re oblige to ask yourselves what’s happening and start to investigate or help Father Rafael for charity, so he doesn’t lose his soul.

For my part, I want to give you a little light so you know which direction to take.The righteous shall live by faithOur Lord Jesus Christ says. So, the catholic must move by the light of the faith more than the light of the opinions or people of the FSSPX, or the appearances. The catholic principles must be our guide to follow above everything else. If the opinions, people, appearances or the FSSPX adjust to the faith, the principles, the truth, then we follow them. But if it’s not that way, then it’s clear that we could not follow them as “without the faith, it’s impossible to please God” and because “only the one who believes will be saved”.

Now, you’ll ask me, at what point, dear Father Rafael, the FSSPX is getting away from the faith as for me to decide not to follow it and to get away from it, just like you did when you left your monastery? Answer: Putting in danger the faith is a sin against the first and second commandment of God’s law.

In religion issues whether one is with Christ or against Christ,there’s not a middle line or possible commitment, this is the first commandment of God’s law, in this would be the “radicalism” accusation with which Mons. Lefebvre and his followers were accused from Vatican II, who decided to embrace the ecumenism and religious freedom.

To be with Christ we must reject the Vatican II and its diabolical spirit that has created other religion with the appearance of being catholic. To that religion we must condemn it and fight it, and we can’t take part with it under penalty or threat of being betraying Christ.

Now, the FSSPX since 1996 with the creation of the GREC, has been systematically trying to reincorporate to this false religion in appearance “catholic”. The catholic wins or loses at the level of the faith. At the level of the faith, this attitude of compromise is totally reprehensible, especially because is something habitual and is a politic of law established by the FSSPX. “You will know them by their fruits”.This attitude of adultery with other religion in a systematic way is what forces us to separate ourselves from the FSSPX in a habitual way.

But we want to resist internally without leaving the FSSPX
Answer: The head of the FSSPX has changed the course of the ship, you can’t resist inside the ship without fighting with the ship’s general. One could only stay in that ship if the general returned to the original course. For that, the sin of omission exists, when one doesn’t do what he should you. Despite that the ones that go on the ship haven’t changed of direction, enough is that the ship changes direction and they don’t react against the captain of the ship to consider them accomplices of the ship’s deviation at least for omission. If the ship is directed towards the ruin (Vatican’s II acceptation, new mass, etc.) who would not jump only for liking the captain? When the captain followed Jesus Christ’s principles we had the obligation to follow, help and pray for the captain.

But we don’t see any bad change in the practice
Answer: The faith is of the things that can’t be seen. The battle is at the level of the principles. Waiting to react until seeing the consequences of the false principles is like wanting to leave the ship, that already has changed its course, only when it’s sinking; that would be too late to react.}

But the superiors have the graces of state, just pray.
Answer: Our Lord said: “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation”. He didn’t say: “Pray and trust in the superiors”. Rather, he asked to watch as there can be wolves among shepherds and among the sheep. One having the grace of state doesn’t mean that one necessarily will be faithful to that grace.The righteous sins 7 times a daythe Ecclesiastical says.

We have to obey the superiors
Answer: YES, always, except when they order something against the faith or the commandments. The faith is above the obedience. For that the blind obedience is forbidden. And for that Jesus Christ said: “The righteous shall live by faith”.

But we need the sacraments, I’ll only go to the FSSPX for the sacraments
Answer: The living of the faith is the spirit of the sacraments.One communion or spiritual mass can be worth more to one person well-disposed than the sacraments to a bad-disposed person. God is faithful and supplies our necessities with his power, mercy and goodness. “Without the faith is impossible to please God.” One priest without faith, or endangers it, isn’t pleasing to God and should not be followed. The priest’s faith or the lack of faith can foment or put in risk the parishioner’s faith.

It’s a danger against the faith to frequent a priest that is putting his faith in danger himself. And when the priority of the Congregation, to which that priest belongs, it is not anymorethe defense of the faith and the teaching of the truth,it loses its taste and its reason to exist. Or something leads us to Christ or it drives us away. Or the priests lead us to Christ or they drive us away. “Whoever does not gather with Me, scatters,yes it does scatter but it gives valid sacraments then, could I go to receive those sacraments? The answer is NO! Many priests of Saint Peter’s Fraternity give valid sacraments, Mons. Lefebvre prohibited to go with them, he said it, “The ones from Saint Peter’s fraternity betray us in the fight for the defense of the faith.

It’s a sin to put in danger the faith. It is putting in danger the faith frequenting one priest whose religious society has no longer Christ, the faith and the truth as a priority, because he wouldn’t be with Christ, but against Him. And one becomes accomplice of a sin for omission, when in serious matter one doesn’t act or resist when he should.
But we must stay together, we don’t want a division

Answer: Our Lord Jesus Christ just promised the union in the faith, hope and charity. Supernatural union with Jesus Christ. Getting out of the faith or charity, or the fight for the faith and charity is getting out of the fight for Jesus Christ, it’s not fighting under his flag. When the defense of the faith stopped being priority, the FSSPX automatically divided with the sword to the ones that want to keep fighting for the faith in the charity than the ones who want to keep being united by a different link than the faith in the charity.The ones who divide aren’t the resistant of the modernism but the ones who get compromised with the modernism.So, the ones who divide aren’t the true resistant, but the ones who want to keep the unity to the margin of the fight for the faith (Mons. Fellay).
God bless you, you’re in my prayers and masses every day.

Live Christ the King


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